10-Minute Workout Routine to Tone Your Abs

Toning up your midsection or core is extremely important while exercising to lose weight and get into your best shape. Let's talk about a quick 10-minute ab workout routine to strengthen and tone your midsection. The 10-minute workout will provide sufficient abdominal work to burn fat and tone the muscles. You can use this workout independently or in addition to your existing exercise regime. The key is to be regular and consistent.

The 10-minute Ab workout routine consists of:



1.   Sit on the floor and straighten out your legs.

2.   Lean back a little so that your torso and legs form a V-like shape to engage your core sufficiently.

3.   Maintaining your balance, twist your torso from side to side without moving your legs.

4.   Do 2 to 3 sets of up to 10 repetitions.

An excellent core exercise that helps you trim and tone your abs and helps you get better at balance and spine stability.


1.   Get yourself in a high plank position.

2.   Maintain your balance with your hips facing the ceiling and hands shoulder-width apart.

3.   Begin to shift sideways by simultaneously moving your right hand and foot to the right.

4.   Now, do the same with your left hand and foot.

5.   Take 5 steps to the right, followed by 5 steps to the left to complete one set.

Done at a slow pace, this exercise does wonders for your core and upper body.



Mountain Climbers is one of the best exercises to burn belly fat and tone your abs. It raises your heart rate while enhancing your core strength and elevating your calorie burn rate. For this exercise, you need no special skills or equipment. You just run your knees in and out from a push-up position. They work on multiple body parts, including arms, back, shoulders, core, hips, and legs.


Here's how you do Mountain Climbers:

1.   Take plank position, place your weight equally between your hands and toes.

2.   Your hands should be shoulder-width apart, back straight, core engaged, and head in order.

3.   Draw your right knee into your chest.

4.   Pull one knee out and bring the other knee in.

5.   Try alternating inhaling and exhaling with every leg switch.

Try to do 2-3 sets quickly within a span of 2 minutes.



1.   Lie down on your back and crunch your torso up and try to lift your feet up.

2.   Crunch and twist your torso with your elbow coming forward against your opposite knee, meeting over your body.

3.   Reverse the move, go to the start position.

4.   Now, repeat the exercise with the opposite elbow and knee for 20 seconds at one go.

It's a great oblique workout that tones your lower and upper abs.



The treadmill is excellent equipment for regular cardio exercise and can also double up as a tool for some effective Ab workouts. Try the Side Stepper exercise. Here's how you do it:

1.   Increase the treadmill incline to 5 percent and then sidestep for 30 seconds holding the handrails for balance.

2.   Add a side crunch with every step.

3.   Turn to the other side and repeat.


Similarly, you could also try the Sprint and Ab Holds:

1.   Sprint for 30 seconds on a 3 percent incline.

2.   Then turn off the treadmill.

3.   Grab the handrails and lift your body off the base.

4.   Raise your knees to your chest and while keeping your legs together, make sure your body is upright.

5.   Hold for 20 seconds, and then lower yourself down.

6.   Repeat.

With focused attention, you can utilize these workouts to tone your abs in just about 10 minutes. 

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