Best Spin Bike workouts for weight loss

A regular workout is excellent for your body and mind! But everyone has a different and specific goal that you have envisioned for yourself, like weight loss, decreasing body fat, or building muscles. To complete the fitness goal you've set for yourself, you need to work hard and train harder!

Spin bikes are the taste of the town right now! People looking to create a fitness corner for themselves opt for spin bikes as they are great for beginners and people looking to diversify their workout routine.

Spin bike workouts build your cardiovascular endurance and strength, which speeds up your weight loss journey. With spin bikes exercise, you are taking a step towards making a holistic change in your lifestyle and health routine.

Here are some excellent spin bike exercise routines that can be instrumental in getting rid of that extra fat from your body.

High-Intensity interval training or HIIT

Studies show that overweight participants who exercised at a high-intensity rate at two workout sessions per week lost significant body fat within months!

A HIIT workout includes short intervals of exercise at maximum efforts with periods of recovery.

Follow these simple steps for excellent HIIT sessions:

Warm-up for 5 minutes at moderate speed

  1.   30s - High-intensity interval with maximum effort
  2.   2 min - Rest interval at a slow pace
  3.   30s - High-intensity sprint interval at maximum effort
  4.   2 min - Rest interval at a slow pace
  5.   30s- High-intensity sprint interval at maximum effort
  6.   2 min - Rest interval at a slow pace
  7.   30s- High-intensity sprint interval at maximum effort

Cool down for 5 minutes, then stretch.

Tabata stationary bike workout

If you're looking for a quick workout that doesn't take a lot of time, Tabata is the routine for you! With this exercise, you can switch up your routine, improve endurance and speed, inculcate this workout into your daily fitness regime, and get significant results!

Tabata workouts last about only four minutes, but it feels much longer because of the strength and energy it uses.

Perform the Tabata exercise in these simple steps:

  1.   20s - Moderate/high speed
  2.   10s - Rest
  3.   Repeat for another 7 sets


The Endurance Indoor Spin Workout

This workout is aerobic and builds stamina; it pushes you to have endurance and helps you lose weight.

Here's how to do this exercise:

Take a 5-minute warm-up at slow/moderate intensity

  1.   60s - Paddle at a moderate pace
  2.   30s - Recovery
  3.   90s - Paddle at moderate/high pace [with increased resistance]
  4.   30s - Recovery
  5.   120s - Paddle at moderate/high pace [ with more resistance than the last interval]
  6.   5 min - Recovery
  7.   Repeat the set three times
  8.   Take five minutes to cool down

Losing weight can be a little challenging, and it can be achieved with both effective exercise and diet (you can take the help of the OneFitPlus app, as they provide dietary expertise according to your body needs and goals). Effective weight loss exercises can be done right at your home as well! With challenging bike workouts at your fingertips, you can be on your way to getting closer to your ideal body weight.

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