Best YouTubers who teach workouts for home

The pandemic has been hard for fitness enthusiasts that gave their time to the gym building their health. Many people need motivation and support going forward on their fitness journey and that motivation usually comes from their fitness trainers at the gym. But with the previous lockdowns. It is abundantly clear, you can not always rely on gyms for your workout regime. If you want to have the same intense and amazing workouts at home, you can head straight to youtube! Several spectacular fitness trainers have started teaching workouts that you can do at home and have the same results as a professional fitness center or gym! 

Today, we explore such trainers and find out YouTubers who teach workouts for the home. 

The fitness marshall -  

A pop culture icon who brings you the best moves to groove with and dance away the calories! Dancing it out is perhaps the most fun way to stay fit and enjoy yourselves at the same time. The fitness marshall - Caleb marshall understands just that and started his youtube channel in 2014. Marshall is known for his steady stream of entertaining and heart-pumping dance videos. And is very justifiably titled as “Youtube’s Hottest Fitness Popstar”. If you are looking for an energetic cardio session, this is it! 


Chloe Ting - 

Ting is among the most known and loved fitness YouTubers. Her focus audience is people who are looking to sweat it out while at home! During the period of the lockdown, Chloe Ting’s subscribers count on youtube went up from 4 million subscribers to 17 million subscribers! 


Yoga with Adriene

What better way to ward off the blues of the pandemic than with the mindfulness of yoga! With her youtube channel “Yoga with Adriene”

Adriene Mishler spreads the message of mindfulness and works to inspire people of all ages, shapes, and sizes across the world. This international yoga instructor has over 10 million subscribers on youtube and is successfully teaching the art of yoga to people! 


Ranveer Allahbadia -

Ranveer Allahbadia is a social media personality who focuses on various topics in his Youtube videos. He started his journey with fitness and food and steadily branched out to various other fields like lifestyle and grooming! Allahbadia is loved among his viewers for his versatile nature. 


Krissy Cela -  

Cela joined YouTube around 2015, she studied to be a lawyer but found her true passion in fitness. Krissy Cela believes and advocates that fitness is more than just about your physical appearance but about the chance to imbibe positivity into one’s life and bring wellness into the mind and body.  


Rohit Khatri fitness

A science nutritionist and fitness instructor with self-build fame for advocating fitness and health, Rohit Khatri has more than 4.5 million subscribers on youtube. He has been a fitness enthusiast from a young age and now helps others achieve their fitness goals through his fitness videos! Find his videos here- 

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore! Follow these fitness experts and be unstoppable as you start your fitness journey at home. 

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