Cycling v/s Running

Some people go on a run to Kick Start their day. Some people do cycling marathons on weekends for fun.

Cycling and Running are aerobic exercises that are enjoyed all around the world for both leisure and health.

These exercises are popular for their being easy to perform and producing visible results. 

Cycling and running are activities that come with a bunch of benefits! 

Both biking and running can improve health, especially heart health. Because they deliver many of the same benefits, it may be hard to tell which you should opt for. 

In this blog, we compare the advantages of cycling and of running. Let's find out which one is more suitable for you

  • For cardiovascular wellness -  
  • Cycling and running are both aerobic exercises that are accessories in keeping your cardiovascular system healthy.

    Running reduces the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which are leading causes of heart diseases. 

    These exercises also help in circulation of blood throughout the body. They’re equally good for you. Either activity can strengthen your heart over time. If you stick to the one you enjoy more, you’ll be more motivated to keep at it and reap the benefits.

    Although, it is important to not over exert yourself as it can put strain on your heart.

  • For weight loss - 
  • Cycling As well as running are great ways to burn fat! You can shed unwanted weight. The process of losing weight starts with finding the correct balance. From your calorie intake to burning calories. 

    A calorie deficit is what’s important when it comes to weight loss. You can lose weight quickly if you engage in running. With cycling, you need to do it for long hours to really see the effect. Of course, exercise is not all, if you want to lose weight. It’s about following a healthy diet and sleeping on time. 

  • For burning calories - 
  • The amount of calories that you burn in exercise depends on two factors - intensity of the workout and length of the workout. 

    Cycling can be done longer but running is more intense. You can do both of them to get fitter, faster. 

  • For maintaining an active lifestyle - 
  • It is important to maintain an active lifestyle to lead a healthy life. 

    Cycling and running both are such physical activities that will help you sustain a good routine without feeling lethargic. Having a healthy hobby will also keep you mentally calm and physically energized.

  • For bone health - 
  • Running has higher impact on bone whereas cycling is a exercise with low-impact and does not exert a lot of force on the joints. 

    Running is excellent for bone strength and cycling is suitable for people with injuries or weak knees. 

    Both cycling and running can benefit a person’s health and fitness, particularly cardiovascular health.

    If people are new to either, they can start slowly and gradually build up endurance and strength to keep exercise enjoyable and sustainable.

    Both cycling and running can be a great option to keep fit and healthy.

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