Exercises that are Great for Arm Building

Everyone has some areas of their body that are bulkier than the rest or have less core strength and muscle power. These areas require a little extra attention and effort to rectify the lack of strength in that area. 

For many people, it is their arms, and in this blog, we focus on exercises that are great for building strength! 

With some exercises, you can tone and strengthen the arm muscles in your body in only a couple of weeks with concentration and regularity. 

These exercises will help you tone your arms and that too quickly. Here are the 5 best and most simple exercises to strengthen your arms. 

  • Arm circle - With this exercise, you can tone your arms, and shoulder area, while your blood circulation improves. An arm circle is quite simple and is easily performed anywhere. You can even choose to start your warm-up with an Arm circle, which will get you going for your workout session. 

  •  Overhead Extension - one of the most important benefits of this exercise is the hypertrophy of the tricep that happens because of the motion involved in this exercise. Your arms and triceps become stronger with overhead extension! 

  • Plank push-up - plank to push-up is a combination of two exercises - planks and push-ups. And target areas of arms like the triceps and shoulders. The plank to push-up exercise is tremendous for arm strength and increases shoulder mobility. 

  • Dumbbell curl - Dumbbell curl is an exercise that primarily targets the upper arms and strengthens the forearms and shoulders. It is a simple exercise and can be performed even by beginners. 
  • Lateral raise - one of the most effective exercises for shoulder and arms is the lateral raise. This exercise targets your shoulder muscles as well as your triceps. 

Having core strength in your upper body (arms, shoulders, etc) helps you perform various intense exercises and physical activities! A good exercise regime that focuses on your arms and shoulders is an excellent addition to your routine. 

Starting today, incorporate these simple yet effective exercises in your workout and see astonishing results! 

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