Home Workout- Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Fast at Home

Membership plans at a local gym or a yoga/aerobics studio go waste while new year resolutions to lose weight continue to fail even as we juggle between our fitness goals and the situations that thwart them. Despite our keenest desire, we cannot work out regularly due to busy schedules, unending commitments, the weather outside, and various other limitations.

But why do we have to limit ourselves to the idea of working out in a gym or somewhere else outdoors?

If we can derive the same benefits from working out at home with the help of one or more quality fitness equipment, it's the best kind of personal investment we can provide ourselves.

Ankit Agarwal, 36, had the busy life of a banker. With a breakneck schedule, erratic eating patterns, and a sedentary lifestyle, he gradually became overweight. Unable to fit into his old clothes and unhappy with his image in the mirror, Ankit had started feeling unhealthy as well. At 91 kg, he would get exhausted very easily, and his BP had also shot up. His wife encouraged him to overhaul his lifestyle and lose weight. With no time to visit the gym, Ankit decided to purchase a Fitkit treadmill to be used at home. It was challenging in the beginning, and he couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes. But he worked on building up his stamina and continued to work out daily in the comfort and privacy of his home.

Along with a tailor-made diet plan and counseling support provided by the OneFitPlus dietitian, Ankit could lose 6 kg in 2 months. He was ecstatic with the results and has been consistent with his diet and exercise ever since. He is happy he decided to invest in home exercise equipment. Instead of scrambling for time to visit the gym, he enjoys the flexibility of working out whenever it's comfortable.

The freedom, flexibility, and convenience of working out at home are unbeatable. All you need is a positive attitude.

The advantages of working out at home are varied:



With time being a precious resource for all of us, it's a comforting idea to know that a weight loss workout at home works. You can meet your weight loss goals without putting in extra hours. The time spent commuting to and from the gym or a fitness studio can be mentally taxing. The commute duration can also vary depending on the time of the day and traffic situation.

While at the gym, you might also have a wait in line to use certain equipment after others are done. Even if we want to work out in the morning, our challenges at home and the rush to reach the office will stop us from visiting the gym during those hours. Evening hours might spring up another set of challenges for those who have night shifts. Hence, it is also the best weight loss plan for night shift workers.

Working out at home is an effective solution to solve the time problem, cited most commonly as the reason for having discontinued a fitness program.



One of the biggest benefits of exercising at home is saving money. There will be no membership fees, no commute charges, no parking cost, and no pressure to buy trendy gym clothes and accessories. All you need to do is invest in some good quality fitness equipment through a reputable platform like OneFitPlus and get going with your health regime. You can develop a daily exercise routine with the help of your equipment such as a treadmill, spin bike, or cross trainer and add a few simple bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squats, planks, and push-ups.

In addition to a healthy diet, a regular workout routine such as this can lead you to effective weight loss, that too on a budget. And the best news is that more than one family member can use the same exercise equipment at home at different timings, thereby saving the cost incurred on multiple gym memberships. While our approach towards building a personal fitness routine could be different from one another, working out at home would always save money at the end of the day.



Some people feel inhibited by the presence of others around them while they work out in a gym or a studio. The annoying feeling of being looked at by strangers while you are sweating out can get you distracted.

Nitika, an OneFitPlus customer, recounts her experience at the gym, saying,

"I used to feel extremely conscious with people around me in the gym. It was also burdensome to engage in unnecessary small conversations with strangers at times".

Some people complain that since they are not comfortable with their bodies, it can be uncomfortable to exercise freely under the gaze of others. There are also comparisons at play when you unknowingly try to match up with someone else's progress. When you work out in the complete privacy of your home, no eyes are looking at you, and you can entirely be focused on your goals.



It's never been more important than now when the world faces the Coronavirus crisis to ensure we are protected from germs and pathogens in the external environment. Public gyms have equipment used by countless people daily and aren't sanitized each time before a new user steps on.

Such places are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. The exercise-induced sweat might splatter around to contaminate surfaces with germs. And you surely do not want your fitness goals to be destroyed each time you come down with flu or cold that you got from the gym. At home, you are in control and can ultimately ensure the cleanliness level of your environment. There would be no more worries about contracting germs from unsanitary yoga mats, dumbbells, or treadmill handles.



You can create a personalized workout environment at home. You get to play your favorite music or select the TV channel you want to watch, keep the lights dim or bright, temperature setting per your desire, and the room decoration according to your taste. You are also free to wear whatever you feel like and not conform to any expectations.

You can shut the door of your room at home to keep out any distractions and exercise unhindered. Also, at home, you have convenient access to pre and post-workout snacks. Service providers like OneFitPlus also send a personal fitness trainer to your house to help you perform exercises correctly and motivate you towards reaching your goals faster.



It's an unbearable thought to go to the gym when the weather is too hot, rainy, or bitter cold. But you need to keep your mind and body healthy with regular physical activity. A good workout at home cancels all those weather-related worries and ensures your fitness goals remain in place. Those who love jogging or running outdoors do not have to break their momentum and switch to exercising indoors when the weather is inclement. Just connect to a fitness app like OneFitPlus and then play your favorite music or a workout video to get started.



There is always an excuse or two readied by that "potential" fitness freak who has always valued the importance of exercise but "never has the time" to accommodate work out in his schedule. There is always one last meeting to attend, a social gathering you have to be a part of, a kid's final exams, maid's tantrums, or even a headache. There are countless excuses to miss the regular exercise quota, even if that entails a three-day-a-week yoga session at the club.

It's a vicious cycle we quickly become entangled in. One new year's resolution after another, Priya realized she was fooling nobody but herself by coming up with excuses not to exercise. She soon got an exercise bike at home and decided to work out religiously from home whenever her schedule allowed her the time. Priya lost 1.5 kg in the first month itself and is raring to go further, with no excuse to hide behind this time.



When your spouse, or parent, or children observe you working out committedly at home, they are sure to get motivated and might want to try it out themselves. Healthy habits create a positive environment, and it might just serve as a trick to get others on the fitness boat as well. How nice it would be to have even one additional family member prioritize fitness and embark upon a healthy lifestyle. Fitness activities done together can also help the family bonds and relationships become stronger.

It's not as easy as it sounds to have a regular gym routine. Several challenges include time constraints, budgetary limitations, and commute problems that make it extremely difficult to visit the gym. However, a regular workout is essential for everyone to maintain good health and not just lose weight. Exercise helps keep numerous diseases at bay, your joints and bones strong, hormones in balance, metabolism up, and leaves you in a good mood. Workout at home can be an excellent substitute for the gym and a reliable alternative to ensure all-around fitness.

In the Covid_19 affected world, it is unlikely that gyms or fitness centers will open anytime soon. It has become more critical than ever to consider working out at home. With most of us indoors, it's essential not to put fitness on the back burner. With healthy minds and bodies, we will be better equipped to deal with the current crisis. 

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