How a Qualified Dietitian can aid your Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight may seem like an uphill battle but you have the choice to make this journey a little less complicated with the guidance of a qualified dietitian. It might, in fact, be the best move to seek help from a registered dietitian, who can assist you from scratch- right from planning your daily diet to the required amount of physical activity. A dietitian is the constant companion you have while trying to accomplish your weight loss goals and can be instrumental in making sure you do not lose either balance or momentum.

Radhika came to OneFitplus when she had already attempted losing weight through the various trending diets and gym outings for about two years. She knew that a consistent eating pattern played a major role in losing weight but was unable to plan her diet in a sustainable way. She was duly provided a qualified dietitian who studied her health history, lifestyle, activity level, food preferences, sleep cycle etc. to arrive at a customized meal and fitness plan. Over the course of the next few months, she was provided constant motivation, feedback and support by the dietitian. Radhika successfully lost 5 kg in 2.5 months, without being on any kind of repressive diet. “Far from being depressive or painful, it has been a pleasurable journey made easy with the constant support of my dietitian. All I needed to do was stick to her advice and maintain discipline”, she said.

Confusion in the age of information

With the plethora of diet related information at our disposal, eating correctly looks damn easy, albeit it isn’t! There is an explosion of ideas, suggestions and guidelines in the world around us when it comes to weight loss and fitness. However, it's important to dissect the right information from the wrong and choose the appropriate path. While some diet may tell you to reduce consumption of carbs, another will tell you to load up on protein while yet another may insist on detox or fasting. One day you might read that a certain superfood is the best thing to happen and the other day, it gets trashed by some other International research report. But any regime that sets you up for restriction, deprivation and even unrestrained exercise may end up feeling like a punishment, that sooner or later is sure to backfire. This is where a trained professional can be of help- to come up with the right kind of guidance and hand holding that's required to sail through the journey. 

Who is a Dietitian?

An experienced dietitian is well informed of updates in the field of nutrition and fitness and can easily help you clear up the confusion with measured and practical advice. A dietitian usually has a professional degree in food and nutrition science with practical experience of preparing customized diet and fitness plans for patients/clients in a hospital or any other fitness related setting. Registered dietitians pass an exam to carry a license that authorises them to advise their clients. They can be a trusted resource to plan a healthy and fit lifestyle, to be executed in a sustainable way. By associating with a registered dietitian, you can form a lifelong positive relationship with food and keep those extra kilos at bay. 

How can a dietitian help in your weight loss journey?

In any weight loss effort, accountability is the determining factor. You are far more likely to stick to a healthy eating routine and exercise schedule, if there is someone keeping a tab on you with expert advice and personalised support. With a qualified dietitian having your back, you can confidently embrace the weight loss journey that promises to offer easy adjustments, manageable pitfalls, regular feedback and a motivational environment. A dietitian would assess your health profile and lifestyle habits and would prepare a customized plan that suits your individual situation and requirements. 

She/he would counsel you regarding food related myths, identify your weak areas, figure out if you have any food intolerances, provide a diet road map and ensure that you have sufficient daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Keeping in mind all your apprehensions and challenges, the dietitian would also advise you regarding the daily quota of exercise, sleeping hours, water consumption, calorie graph and overall wellbeing. She would monitor your counterintuitive behaviour during weak eating moments and laid back days, with ready answers to all your queries and concerns.  A registered dietitian would set realistic weight loss goals for you with a sustainable plan to realise the same. She would chariot this journey until you come out a winner!

Getting the most out of your Dietitian 

Dietitians are committed to assisting their clients achieve optimum wellbeing and fitness through healthy habits incorporated in their daily routine. They provide long term encouragement and support to the clients in their quest to lose weight and help them live a more positive, energetic and happy life. And this can be done simply by eating well and staying active on a disciplined, systematic and consistent basis. While it is true that a dietitian can help you stay excited and focused on a new and improved style of living, we can only get the most out of her if we remain transparent about our routine, doubts, limitations as well as progress. It is extremely crucial to lay bare all details regarding our medical history, mental challenges and dietary habits before the dietitian. You may get the desired results way faster if you remain honest in the journey. 

Also, you will have to be disciplined and committed to the plan and goals set before you by the dietitian. She may help you with motivational words and keep you constantly inspired with her calls, but if you do not have the fire within to accomplish your target, you may trip and quit the ride. So once you sign up with a dietitian to help you with a weight loss program, it's imperative for you to stay in touch with her and follow her advice with utmost dedication and sincerity.

We at OneFitplus have a team of well qualified and trained dietitians who are armed with several years of experience in the field of nutrition science. They have successfully counselled several clients in the past, helping them lose weight and overcome their health issues, if any. We encourage and welcome you to experiment with dietitians in your pursuit of weight loss and good health.

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