How to Choose Treadmill at Best Prices in India

Treadmills are the perfect investment to make for your health. Treadmill prices in India range from roughly 10000/- and go as high as 4-5 lakhs. When you are looking to purchase a treadmill in India, there are many factors that you should consider. It is important to understand the features of the said treadmill and prioritize according to your needs and budget. 

There are two kinds of treadmill - 

Motorized Treadmills And Manual Treadmills

Manual treadmill - Manual treadmill, as the name suggests, is manual in nature and does not have a motorized operating system. Manual treadmills are treadmills that do not need electricity to run. Instead, they operate when a person walks on it. Manual treadmills require only the traction of an individual’s feet to induce motion in the belt.  

The high-end manual treadmills have a curved belt deck, whereas the others have flat belt decks.

The price range of manual treadmills varies from as low as 5,000 to 45,000 and more in India. 

Motorised Treadmill - Motorized treadmills possess a powerful motor that enables a consistent revolutions on the conveyor belt. The belt automatically rotates under your feet, facilitating your movement whether you are walking, jogging or running. 

Motorized treadmills have either AC motors or DC motors

The question arises that what is the difference between the two? 

AC motor treadmill is generally used for commercial purposes in gymnasiums and health centres/clubs. These treadmills are too powerful and can be used by multiple members for a long time. It can run continuously without a break.


DC motor treadmill is more suitable for domestic purposes (preferably used at home). These treadmills are widely used and can run continuously. But after 25-30 minutes of usage, it requires a break of about 15 minutes.

The treadmill prices in India are different based on the features a particular treadmill contains- Whether it is motorized or manual, whether it has AC or DC motor and other factors such as bluetooth connectivity, display features, and etc. 

One of the popular treadmill brands with the best Treadmill prices in India is OneFitPlus. They have a wide variety of treadmills with distinct features, exquisite frame and affordable prices with outstanding quality and assured results. 

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