How To Maintain Weight With Intelligent Food Choices?

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for our overall fitness and disease-free life. And to maintain weight, you need a regulated lifestyle that is a combination of foods to increase stamina, balanced nutrition, and effective workouts. Some of the most common questions that we come across at OneFitPlus, about diet are maintaining weight after a weight loss program or how much weight loss is healthy in a month.

Intelligent food choices are the most appropriate way to maintain weight in any such scenario. Making guided decisions about food can be an effective strategy to safeguard your social life and weight-related pursuit at the same time. With patience and commitment, a balanced diet can be an effortless part of our life.

If you continue to exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet, there is no need to cut out any food item from your list. Eating out is not a sin as long as you are aware of the choices you are making. To make intelligent choices while eating out, try these suggestions:



A good idea is to study the menu before you arrive at an eatery. Most restaurant menus are now available online, and some of them also provide nutritional information. By looking at the menu beforehand, you would be fully aware of what's good and not good for you from the list. You will be saved from ordering unhealthy items or portions in haste and won't be influenced by the suggestions of others on the table. Also, don't be afraid to ask the restaurant to customize the dishes according to your requirement.



Be careful of fried, processed, sugar, and salt-loaded appetizers. They will not just dump calories into your body but fill you up unnecessarily before your main course arrives. While choosing appetizers, try and have those containing more fruits and vegetables such as salads (minus the greasy dressings), ones that are roasted or grilled, such as kebabs, or steamed options like idlis. You could eliminate the need to have an appetizer if you eat a healthy snack like banana or nuts at home before leaving.



It is essential to track the consumption of calories to maintain weight. Hence, whenever possible, try to order smaller portions of food when dining out. This way, you can limit the number of calories consumed when you order a big portion size of food while at a restaurant. You may end up having it entirely, even though you may not be so hungry. The unwanted extra calories get stored as fat and contribute to weight gain. Also, stop eating when you are about 75 percent done. Continue to eat if you are still hungry.



We are accustomed to having chips with sandwiches, French fries with burgers, or cheesy garlic bread with pasta. Still, they are loaded with too much salt, saturated fat, calories, and negligible nutritional content. These are dispensable items that can easily be avoided while eating out. You will also be saved from unnecessary calories. If you have to order sides, choose veggies or fruits with healthy dips such as hummus.



Try and avoid the empty calories in carbonated beverages, sugary cocktails/mocktails, processed juices, shakes, etc. Such drinks are high in sugar content and calories and do not provide any nutritional benefit. The high amount of sugar would get metabolized quickly and raise your blood sugar level. Since hydration is vital for our body, we should consume liquids and choose plain water, buttermilk, or freshly squeezed unsweetened juice.



The sweet ending of any meal in the form of dessert is something we all look forward to. If you eat out quite often, try and avoid having dessert altogether. But if you are indeed having, then choose lighter versions such as shrikhand, fruit sorbet, or frozen yogurt. When going for heavier dessert items, a good strategy is to order just one plate for the table. This will ensure that you aren't eating the whole thing yourself. You will have a few bites to satisfy your sweet tooth and then pass it on to others.



The all-you-can-eat buffets can trick you into eating mindlessly and way more than what your body needs. While you mentally try to maximize the cost of the buffet by filling up your plate from the endless varieties to choose from, the over-eating might harm your body. But if you do get stuck at a buffet, then try to have soups and salads first. This will stop you from overeating and limit your calories. For the main course, choose high fiber, natural, and do not contain processed ingredients.



Regardless of the points mentioned above, life shouldn't feel like a burden as you try to micro analyze every detail and get high feelings of guilt and anxiety while eating out. OneFitPlus diet coaches feel that as long as the eating out is limited to once or twice a week, there is no need to feel guilty or ashamed.

Instead, once you are out, you should relax and eat mindfully. Food is meant to nourish our mind and soul and give us energy. The rest of the time, if you are regular with a healthy diet to maintain weight and exercise schedule, the road to weight loss and good health will stay smooth.

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