How to use treadmill to lose weight

Treadmill workouts are excellent for losing weight, getting in shape, and building stamina. If done consistently, treadmill workouts can also help keep numerous diseases at bay, your joints and bones strong, hormones in balance, metabolism up, and leave you in a good mood.

To get the most out of your treadmill in your weight loss journey, follow these tips:


Use the Incline

The rate at which you lose weight is closely related to the intensity of your workout. To increase your workout challenge, you must use the incline option that will elevate your heart rate, incorporate a large number of muscle groups and take up the calorie burn rate. A higher incline would be like walking on a hilly surface and require tremendous effort. You will lose more calories in the same amount of time and speed on an incline than on a leveled surface. Treadmills have incline settings that go up to 15 percent, and you can choose the level that's best suited for your current stamina level.


Incorporate HIIT

A great strategy would be to follow interval training to lose more weight and achieve your fitness goals in less time. Your workout intensity goes several notches higher, as does your heart rate with interval training. Once you are done with your warm-up, walk at a speed of 3 mph for 5 minutes, followed by a run at 9 to 10 mph for 30 seconds, slow down to walk again at 3 mph for a minute. Follow five to six repetitions. You can increase the time duration and set for an even more intense workout. On average. two to four mph is walking speed, four to five mph is a fast walk or light jog, and over five mph is jogging or running


Set Realistic goals

So many workout resolutions taper off quickly because there is an expectation of achieving too much. However, doing too much exercise at the start can lead to burnout and premature quitting. First, the idea is to get your body used to exercise as a daily habit through small but steady steps. Instead of one hour, start with 20 minutes of treadmill workout three days a week and then progressively increase the duration.


Be Consistent

Make exercise a daily habit and stay consistent. A great way to maintain a daily schedule is to fix the most convenient time for your treadmill workout every day. Set reminders on your mobile phone or voice assistant so that you don't forget to work out when it's time. Purchasing a treadmill for home also makes it relatively easy to stay consistent as you don't have to take extra time out to visit a gym.


Change the Routine

Don't forget to change your workout routine to bring much-needed excitement. It's scientifically proven that when you change your exercise routine, you tend to avoid a training plateau, reduce your risk for injury and increase your chances of being consistent. Alternate your treadmill workouts between leisurely walk, brisk running, HIIT, and medium jog combined with some light yoga, stretching, and strength training to sufficiently challenge the body and see the best results.


Track your progress

Do make sure to monitor how well you are doing along the way. Depending on the results, you can make necessary modifications or adjustments. While keeping a journal and weighing yourselves have traditionally been the go-to tracking methods, fitness apps and wearable tracking devices these days have changed the game in a significant way.


Have a Balanced Diet

To increase your endurance and get the max out of your workout:

  1.   Don't forget to have a balanced diet comprising whole grains, lean protein, essential fats, fruits, and vegetables.
  2.   Try to avoid junk and processed food consisting of excess sugar and salt.
  3.   Have your 8 glasses or 2 liters of water every day to sufficiently hydrate the body.


If you are consistent and goal-oriented, you can easily lose weight on a treadmill. Just get regular action on the treadmill, and do not forget to pair the workout with a clean home-cooked diet. Soon you will be rewarded with a slim body.

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