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OneFitPlus.Live provides you the incredible opportunity to elevate your health and fitness through real time online sessions led by expert trainers, all within the comfort of your home at the schedule of your choice. You get to train along with experts in an immersive, engaging and digitally connected environment that won't make you miss the gym at all. You can choose from the multiple bilingual sessions that go live every morning and evening. The sessions are carefully designed to suit the varied experience levels of joiners and the trainers, who are cardio, strength and conditioning experts, gradually build the confidence and stamina of clients, helping them achieve their end goals in a timely manner. You will stop thinking about exercise as a boring chore and will begin to enjoy it as a productive and entertaining sport.



OneFitPlus.Live sessions are available to all customers who have bought compatible treadmills and spin bikes. You can improve your cardiovascular fitness and burn some serious calories on a treadmill. Even 30 minutes of brisk walking on a treadmill can ensure your recommended amount of daily physical activity and minimize your risk for various illnesses, besides maintaining fitness. Working out on a spin bike is also an efficient, low impact aerobic exercise, that boosts your metabolism, improves your mood, strengthens your joints and maintains your heart health. It's great for people at all levels, beginners to experience. Our treadmills and spin bikes are market bestsellers, known for their superb functionality, comfort and safety. They can easily be connected to the OneFitPlus app where you can schedule your online session with any one of our trainers and begin your journey to all round fitness and good health.



The team of expert trainers at OneFitplus.Live are experienced and skilled at keeping you engaged throughout the workout. The virtual session attendees also have a chance to bond with each other after classes and exchange notes on each other's progress. The camaraderie amongst the trainer and the attendees makes a great difference to the level of commitment and enjoyment. There is a lesser chance to drop out of sessions with a peer group around to encourage and keep a tab on you. Engaging with virtual friends who attend the same online class (such as OneFitPlus.Live) as you is known to be a great motivating factor when it comes to furthering your fitness goals. 



Competitiveness is known to increase motivation to do better in life. And leaderboard is a great way to provide the required motivation through competition to OneFitPlus.Live members. The rankings of participants, especially those playing Fitwarz, is displayed on the leaderboard, helping you accurately understand your progress. Players from all over the world take part in Fitwarz, a racing game that you play along with exercising on your treadmill or spin bike. The leaderboard provides you with a personal record output that you can use to compare yourself vis-a-vis others and offers a chance to figure out how you can improve your performance. Leaderboard provides the opportunity to not just connect with other virtual players but get inspired by them. 



A huge benefit of exercising at home through OneFitPlus.Live is that it's affordable. Compared to a gym, there will be no membership fees, no commute charges, no parking cost and no pressure to buy trendy gym clothes and accessories. More than one family member can use the same exercise equipment at home at different timings, thereby saving cost incurred on multiple gym memberships. You get to burn calories, build stamina, gain strength, and acquire great health all within the comfort of your home, that too on a budget. The sheer convenience of choosing the time at which you want to workout is also quite liberating. There isn't any more pressure to rush back home beating traffic in the evening, only to go to the gym. 



OneFitPlus.Live is a revolutionary platform that provides you the incredulous benefits of working out at home in a safe, comfortable and convenient manner in a fully connected digital environment. You get to develop a daily exercise routine with the help of your personal equipment such as a treadmill or spine bike during real time online sessions with expert trainers. You get motivational guidance and incessant support from experienced trainers who take you forward towards achieving your fitness goals in a gradual yet time bound and effective approach. Abhishek, an avid OneFitPlus.Live user, says



The corona pandemic forced us to stay indoors and look for avenues to stay fit inside our homes. It made us realize that keeping fit doesn't necessarily mean leaving home and driving up to a gym or a neighborhood park. Infact, if we can derive the same benefits from working out at home with the help of one or more quality fitness equipment, it's the best kind of personal investment we can provide ourselves. The freedom, flexibility and convenience of working out at home through a reliable platform like OneFitPlus.Live is unsurpassable. Working out at home saves your time, ensures privacy, suits your budget, protects you from germs and is not weather dependent. Home Fitness is an idea that has arrived and will continue to herald the fitness revolution in the times to come. 

Fitness arms you with better endurance, a shapely body, mental calm and a disease free life. However, even the best of intentions and plans to accommodate that one hour in the gym go astray in our time crunched lifestyles. We aren’t able to devote enough space for exercise and keep hiding behind excuses. Thanks to OneFitPlus.Live, fitness is now delivered to your home in a package that totally fits your schedule and lifestyle. It's no more a bothersome thought to get into workout mode as now you have guided online exercise sessions waiting for you to provide fun, excitement and connectedness even as you burn those pounds and move towards ultimate fitness.

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