Post pregnancy weight loss goal - Getting your body back

Post pregnancy weight loss goals can be a struggle for many women. While some lose 50% of their pregnancy weight by the end of 6th week after postpartum, others have to face the post pregnancy weight loss struggle.  The journey to motherhood is one hell of a ride with unique highs and lows and with a new baby in your arms, the daily routine itself becomes a challenge. 

It’s normal to feel the lows when you stand before the mirror, wondering when you can have your pre pregnancy body back, but you should never rush. Post pregnancy weight loss goals can become quite complex in the absence of the right strategy and guidance.  

However, with little patience combined with a realistic pregnancy weight loss plan, the dream of getting your pre-pregnancy body back can be achievable. 

According to the OneFitplus diet philosophy, women in the post pregnancy period should attempt to lose weight gradually, without jeopardizing their health through short cuts or crash diets.  The focus should be on consuming a balanced diet that includes all the essential macro and micro nutrients that can help in the recovery process. With a simple daily home workout routine, the pregnancy weight will start shedding away but you will have to take one day at a time. 

The important steps to remember while trying to get your body back after pregnancy are:

Breastfeed: The importance of breastfeeding for both the mother and baby cannot be overemphasized. Breast milk is wonder food for the infant and a great way for the mother to lose the pregnancy weight. According to La Leche League International, breastfeeding burns about 500-700 calories extra per day to fuel milk making for the baby. Mothers, who exclusively breastfeed, may lose 1-2 pounds of pregnancy weight in a month. 

Rest a lot: Your regular sleep schedule will go haywire as you have to match the sleep wake cycle of the baby.  A lack of sleep can upset your metabolism and increase insulin levels, which can derail your post pregnancy weight loss goals, make you irritable and even make you crave for junk food. During the initial months after delivery, your body needs as much rest as it can to recoup and recover. Hence, you must try and catch a nap whenever the baby is sleeping.

Eat Well: New mothers require anywhere between 1800 to 2200 calories per day and if they are also breastfeeding, they need 500 more calories. Nursing mothers pass on what they eat to their babies through their milk and hence, it becomes all the more important to have a nutritious diet. A wholesome balanced diet during the post -partum period must contain a mix of complex carbs, protein, dietary fiber, essential vitamins like A, C and D, minerals like iron, calcium and essential fatty acids. Have home cooked meals that are made with healthy ingredients such whole grain, fresh vegetables and fruits. For a healthy progression to weight loss, be cautious not to have empty calories through junk, sugary and processed food items. 

Start your home workout sessions Get Moving: Staying physically active while juggling the new responsibility of motherhood can help a great deal to lose the baby fat. Those who had a normal delivery can begin with some light exercise for post pregnancy weight loss, within 2-3 weeks of delivery while those who had a C section may have to wait a few weeks more. Start with walking in your room or corridor and mild kegel exercise to strengthen your pelvic area. Gradually you can increase the intensity and duration of your physical activity. Try to indulge in a 20-30-minute workout routine about 5 times a week. A couple of months after delivery when you get a green signal from your doctor, you can also go outdoors with your baby in the stroller. The other cardio workouts you can try are swimming, biking or treadmill/elliptical workouts. You could consider investing in an indoor exercise equipment to save time and ensure privacy. Also, don’t forget to Include some strength training in your exercise routine in addition to cardio.

Go easy on yourself: It took you awhile to get here, so there cannot be a magic potion to quickly get you back to your pre baby physique. You nurtured a life within you and even now, responsible for the baby’s needs 24/7. It can be overwhelming to constantly care for a tiny little being’s feeding, cleaning, bathing and sleeping sessions even as you hanker for that one hour of sleep. However, it is a precious and memorable time that shall never come back again. If you accept the physical changes of motherhood with a positive state of mind, you will be able to enjoy this new and beautiful stage of life much more. It’s not the same life anymore. Accept this fact, as well as your new body with all the extra flab and stretch marks. Hence no need to rush, Wwith patience and discipline, the pregnancy weight will come off and you can wear your old clothes again. 

Try not to feel bogged down by the demanding and hectic post pregnancy life. Instead, make gradual and well measured moves to bring your body back to from where you started. Just remember to cut yourself some slack, enjoy the joy ride and slowly, but surely, you will get back to shape. 

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