Treadmill walking mistakes to avoid

Treadmills are a great way to integrate a wholesome cardio workout into your exercise routine. It is known to be the best home gym equipment that aids in enhancing your overall body strength. Since it is just a machine, it comes with instructions to prevent any or all damage to the user.
There are many mistakes one can make that are easily avoidable. To ensure your safety and remain unscathed during a workout, here are some Treadmill mistakes to avoid.

Skipping warm-up
To have an effective workout session, your body must be ready, and hence you must never skip out on the warm-up. Warming up is a way of alerting your body for moderate to extensive physical activity.
People often avoid warm-up before taking on an extraneous fitness routine, leading to fatigue and body strain. Walking or jogging slowly for 5-10 minutes makes for a good enough warm-up to loosen your muscles and gradually increase the speed before your workout session.

Looking down at your feet
We should always maintain good posture by keeping our heads up and our eyes forward while walking on a treadmill. When you look down while on the treadmill, there is a good chance you may lose balance and injure yourself. Bad walking posture can also lead to pain in the lower back, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Holding onto the handrails
A lot of people take support of the handrails to make a stern balance on the treadmill. However, it's one of the mistakes you might be making, as it is not the ideal way of walking on a treadmill. Holding on handrails may result in a bad walking posture!
When you use your hands while walking on a treadmill, you can adjust your stride and burn more calories. Instead of relying on the handrails, focus your body weights on your legs and core to do the work.

Leaning forward
The correct walking posture is upright! And it is essential to sustain an accurate posture while working out on a treadmill to have an effective workout session.
You can avoid bending towards the front by lifting your upper body strength and ensuring your shoulders are not hunched. Always make sure you have an upright posture before getting on the treadmill.

Wearing the wrong shoes
Fitness routines need to be done right in the proper attire! You don't wear a night suit to a wedding. Similarly, wearing the wrong dress and, more specifically, the wrong shoes can be disastrous for your regime. Did you know running in the wrong shoes can lead to several health issues like hip and knee pain and sore feet?
When you wear the right shoes, you ensure the optimal use of your treadmill and a smooth and pain-free workout!

Stepping on the treadmill when it’s on high speed
One of the leading causes of treadmill-related injuries is stepping on the treadmill at high speed. It would help if you never got on a treadmill that's running at high speed. It can lead to grievous injuries. Keep your feet on each side of the treadmill, and then start it at a slow pace. You can gradually increase the speed once you are on board.
The bottom line is Treadmill workouts are a pronounced way to keep your fitness in check but not following basic safety rules can have terrible consequences. So, stay fit and stay safe!
Happy running/walking!

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