Why is it important to track your fitness journey

Tracking your progress while trying to get fit can be extremely helpful for you to stay focussed during the journey. As you get to monitor your vital stats such as calories consumed/burnt, heart rate, steps taken, blood pressure etc. in real time, the drive to improve your performance gets even better. Reaching your goals and achieving the desired results can become a far more efficient and measurable process with a dependable tracking device such as a fitness band, watch or an app. (LINK TO THE BLOG: LOSING WEIGHT IN THE DIGITAL AGE)

Keeps you accountable

 Logging in your daily workout regime in a tracker makes it easy for you to keep a check on your progress. In a few days, you can find out if you are lagging behind in your efforts or moving ahead as expected. The tracker will provide a reality check during your fitness journey and keep you accountable and committed towards your goals. (LINK TO THE BLOG: WHY COUNTING CALORIES STILL MATTERS)

  1. To provide regular motivation: The regular feedback and reminders you get while tracking your daily activities can serve as a great psychological booster. The tracker will constantly measure and analyse your movement and the updates will motivate you to go further ahead.  You will be encouraged to run one km more or lift another kg extra as the promising results from the tracker will keep you pepped up in the journey. 

  1. Allows adjustments: Tracking your fitness progress allows you the chance to make adjustments and modifications whenever necessary. You can effectively tweak the workout program if you do not see the results coming in.  Also the tracking enables you to make changes in your eating plan as well, nudging you to reduce the portion size or increase your water intake depending on your pattern.

  1. Helps you timely achieve goals: As you track your workout, you get a clearly defined idea of how many calories you are spending in your day, which exercise is giving you the best result and the diet pattern that suits you the most. A measurable, well-structured and accurate log is like a window through which you can assess your progress and make the required changes to effectively and timely reach your goals. (LINK TO THE BLOG: WHY DO YOU NEED A FITNESS TRAINER)

  1. Makes you conscious of your overall health: Some of the modern tracking devices like the Fitplus watch and app let you monitor many more health related metrics, aside from your steps. You can keep an accurate track on the number of hours your slept, or the litres of water you consumed, your blood pressure, heart rate, calorie count and much more. This will let you have a bigger picture of your overall health and take corrective measures, if required. 

The OnefitPlus platform provides a number of extremely handy and functional devices to keep a tab on your fitness journey. The 4.4 star rated Fitplus App, available on Android & IOS platforms helps you track your daily workout and compiles all your data in one place. Fitplus App can connect with other fitness tracker bands as well like Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit.

The OneFitplus Fitness Band can round the clock, track your heart rate, daily steps count, calories burnt, distance covered, sleep cycle and send alerts for alarm, physical inactivity, calls and SMS. The water resistant band can be synced with our Fitplus App, has 14 different sports modes to choose from and can be worn at all times as you progress along to have a great body and achieve optimum health. Besides, the OneFitplus smart Body Composition Scale tracks not just your body weight but 12-in-1 multi measurement health data including BMI, BMR, fat composition, muscle mass, visceral fat, bone density and hydration level etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or just get fit, being able to track your regular activity can be a huge blessing. Digital technology, that’s increasingly become affordable and accessible for the masses, has made it very easy for us to stay fit. Take your fitness journey to the next level with the help of new age tracking products and reap the multiple benefits. 

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