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      Treadmill Buying Guide: Choose the Right Treadmill for You

      Running machines or exercise machines known as Treadmills are cardio equipment that enable an individual to do activities like walking, or jogging from a stationary position. The moving belt on the top of the treadmill is a track for you to run or walk on. The movable platform on a treadmill is possible because of a running deck and belt....

      An electric motor powers that belt which moves from the front to the rear, and the person using the machine walks in the opposite direction.
      The market place is constantly evolving and the manufacturers are working to make the product as efficient and affordable as possible by reducing the manufacturing costs. At today’s market, you can buy an sturdy suitable home treadmill for prices as low as 5,000/-
      One of the greatest advantages of a home treadmill is that your fitness routine does not depend on outside factors.
      In our country, the weather is uncertain and that can result in hindrance in your outdoor activities.
      Although, with a treadmill at your disposal, you can run, jog or walk whenever you want from the comfort of your home regardless of the weather outside!

      How is a treadmill great for your fitness?
      A treadmill is an excellent and impactful instrument that ensures fitness and health benefits!
      1. You can minimize the strain on your joints with a Treadmill. It has relatively low impact on the joints in comparison to roads or pavements. You can even opt for a Treadmill that comes with an orthopedic belt.
      2. Exercises are known to reduce stress! Remove the tensions in your body as well as body by engaging in an energetic workout set on your treadmill. Did you know? Your body releases endorphins in your bloodstream during cardio exercise.
      3. Maintaining an active lifestyle is a necessity these days. Exercising makes you highly energetic. Activities like running and jogging are recommended to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.
      4. Long distance running aids in improving lung capacity and in turn makes you stronger and more healthy!
      5. Daily running on a treadmill can be beneficial and increase your bone density!
      6. Working out on a treadmill is excellent cardio and speeds up your calorie burn!

      In addition to the many benefits of a treadmill machine, there are numerous varieties of a treadmill as well!
      1. Foldable treadmills - As the name suggests, these kinds of treadmills are foldable! These are efficient for small spaces and are convenient to use.
      2. Commercial treadmills - commercial environments like gyms and health clubs have a use of the commercial treadmills as these treadmills are built for heavy use and have a steady framework as well as a strong motor.
      3. Motorized treadmills - Motorized treadmills possess a powerful motor that enables a consistent revolutions on the conveyor belt. The belt automatically rotates under your feet, facilitating your movement whether you are walking, jogging or running.
      4. Manual treadmill - Manual treadmills are treadmills that do not need electricity to run. Instead, they operate when a person walks on it. Manual treadmills require only the traction of an individual’s feet to induce motion in the belt. The high-end manual treadmills have a curved belt deck, whereas the others have flat belt decks. Let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of a Manual treadmill.

      No matter which type of treadmill you go for, it should be the right fit for you and it's an important decision to make!
      Choosing to buy a treadmill is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and fitness. Treadmills, especially motorized ones, are great for daily use and to maintain your fitness! Treadmill machines are excellent for the cardiovascular system as well to burn calories and lose weight and extra fat.

      What to choose and how?
      Treadmills are one of the only fitness equipment with a wide range of variety in the marketplace! This gives the consumer a versatile catalogue to choose from and buy the best treadmill for themselves. It is quite necessary to weigh the pros and cons of any treadmill and evaluate if it can fit your needs. Be careful of what you invest in!

      Keep in mind!
      A treadmill with a quality motor and strong framework usually has a trade price of and more than 42000/-. However, the market is filled with less than average quality treadmills that happen to sell for that same price. Even if you are on a tight budget, you shouldn’t bring home a bad quality product. These treadmills come with a plethora of problems, from a friable motor to weak frame and problematic running belt. These treadmills aren’t built to last and therefore their designs are full of flaws and short lived operating capacity. There is an assumption that consumers will discontinue the use of the treadmill after roughly 6 months and that is the reason certain manufacturers don’t put in the work in making the machine long-lasting. So buyers, beware! Because your money is valuable and you shouldn't invest ity in a less than average product.

      In order for you to choose right and make the most of your investment, we have put together some tips and ways to help you make the correct decision -
      Before the purchase -
      1. Familiarise yourself with the usage and functioning of a Treadmill and understand the needs of the potential users.
      This is the first step towards making the purchase. Before you even start looking at options for treadmills, you need to understand the general use and operation of the machine. Since it is a machine you need to know how to operate it correctly.
      Another thing that you need to assess is who all are going to use the treadmill. If you are buying it for your home, your whole family should be able to use it and get their fitness and health needs fulfilled. This requires an understanding of what their goals are in the first place. With this, you can look for a product that can accommodate adjustments that can make it suitable for the whole family. When you opt for the cheapest option, you might be bringing home a flawed machine that can’t keep up with excessive operation by different body types.
      2. Try it before you buy it! Whatever treadmills you may choose must fit your needs. Seeing as this is a big investment, you need to be certain if a manual treadmill or a motorized treadmill is better for you! Consult with a fitness specialist and visit an outlet that lets you test the treadmill. The best way to choose from a large range of options is to try and see which product is comfortable for you. Ask for an instructional demonstration for proper operation as well as maintenance of the treadmill. Try to test the prominent features like inclination, bluetooth connectivity etc.
      Do not rush the process and make the final step of buying the product only when you’re completely satisfied and certain.
      3. Bringing home the treadmill and right placement.
      Think about where you can place the treadmill! There are a lot of things to consider before you decide upon any spot. You should place the treadmill near a plug point and make sure that area isn’t receptive to moisture or dust. Now if a person is running or jogging on the treadmill, it is bound to make some noise. Place your treadmill smartly, so that you can make optimum use of your machine.

      1. Easily navigable console.
      2. Cushioned decks
      3. Suitable motor
      4. Console feedback
      5. Folding mechanisms
      6. Belt
      7. Speed
      8. Incline (elevation)
      9. Maximum user weight
      10. Accessories

      Safety and Maintenance
      Treadmills are relatively the easiest fitness equipment to get a hold on. But since it has a moving belt, beginners may feel insecure about their safety.
      Treadmills are electronic fitness machines that require due maintenance and care for smooth functioning.

      Safety first!
      Safety should be valued above all. Manufacturers put in effective safety measures in a treadmill to avoid any kind of injury or harm to the consumers. Certain features like emergency stop button, safety tether cord, heart rate monitor and handrails have been installed in the machine to ensure a safe workout session for you. The emergency stop button is placed right below the monitor generally, it is bright red and easily visible. A safety tether key that plugs in the console of the treadmill is attached to a cord with a clip that can be fixed to your clothing. So when and if the key is pulled, the treadmill immediately stops. Other features like heart rate monitor, feedback and interactivity help make your fitness routine safer and comfortable.

      The higher the quality of the treadmill, the less maintenance is required! However, if you have invested in a treadmill, make it your duty to care for the machine. Follow a routine check on your treadmill and avoid any grievances or damages. Lubricate the running deck every fortnight to ensure a smooth running.

      You can tell the quality of a company by the kind of warranty and post-purchase services they offer. You should focus on finding a product that comes with a comprehensive warranty.
      A good quality treadmill comes with a minimum warranty of 6 months to 1 year on the motor and 2-3 years on the frame. Treadmills are the most popular fitness equipment and they are used the most as well. When you purchase a treadmill from a dealer or manufacturing companies that are equipped with their own service staff that are well trained to tackle any problem that may arise with their products.

      Why should you choose OneFitPlus treadmills ?
      • OneFitPlus is a trusted dealer of quality fitness equipment.
      • We have a wide range of varieties of treadmills to choose from with excellent features.
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      OneFitPlus is continuously evolving to serve you better and is one of the most trusted brands for fitness equipment in the country.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      A: Yes, definitely it makes sense to buy a treadmill online. Just ensure to choose the right motor and weight capacity.

      A: Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

      A: Walking or running on a Treadmill at home is a great option to work out, lose weight, build stamina and stay fit. (NO MENTION OF SPEED)

      A: No, they are different. Running on a treadmill can be controlled and customised while running outside is dependent on external circumstances outside our control.

      A: Both treadmill and spin bike are excellent cardio machines for workouts that burn calories, increase muscular strength and augment your stamina.

      A: Both treadmill and spin bike are excellent cardio machines for workouts that burn calories, increase muscular strength and augment your stamina. You can choose either of them for effective weight loss, depending on your preference.

      A: There cannot be any one answer for whether burning 200 calories on a treadmill is enough or not. Your exercise duration and intensity is dependent on your individual lifestyle, personal health situation and overall fitness/weight loss goals.

      A: Yes it is absolutely safe to walk on a treadmill every day. Treadmill walking is in fact one of the best types of cardio vascular exercises to lose weight, boost your heart health and gain stamina.

      A: Both treadmill and a cross trainer are great cardio machines to lose weight, increase muscular strength and boost your stamina.

      A: Walking or running on a treadmill is an excellent workout to lose belly fat. If you can be consistent with your workout and follow a balanced diet, you can easily lose upto 10 lbs weight in a month and shed belly fat.

      A: Treadmill workouts are great for burning fat, building stamina and staying off lifestyle diseases. If you are consistent and goal oriented, you can easily lose 10 lbs weight in a month on a treadmill and shed belly fat.

      A: On an average,150 minutes of moderately-intense aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity per week is necessary to maintain your current weight. Increase that duration if you want to lose weight.

      A: Since 1 HP = 745.7 Watts, a 1 HP treadmill will use 745.7 Watts or .745 KiloWatts/.745 Units of electricity per hour. You can follow the same principle for any treadmill. These days, most treadmills are equipped with energy efficient motors so you don't have to worry much about having huge electricity bills.

      A: Yes indeed! Treadmill is a high performance cardio equipment that lets you burn a lot of calories, build muscle tone and bone density. If you are consistent and regular with walking or running on a treadmill, you are sure to burn fat and lose weight.

      A: It’s worth it if that is how you prefer to do your workout. There is nothing wrong with either running outdoors or running on a treadmill. But running outdoors is heavily dependent on external weather conditions and other geographical limitations.

      A: Yes you will definitely lose weight. But completing 12 km each day for a beginner is quite a task and you might take some time to reach that level.