OneFitPlus is your fitness companion that helps you achieve your health goals and build a holistic and sustainable lifestyle. We provide world class smart fitness equipment that uses Technology, Design and Content needed to get and stay fit at your home. We strive to make home workouts fun, connected and an engaging experience by providing live fitness sessions through our OneFitPlus.Live offering, experience of a video game while working out through our Fitwarz game offering and a reward & recognition program through our HealthCoins® offering. We supplement this with our expert service team of Dieticians, Fitness trainers (across services such as Workout, Yoga, Pilates and others), and Doctors. We make the offering complete by providing you the cutting-edge technology to manage all aspects of your fitness journey through our fitness app.

OneFitPlus.Live is our latest offering towards transforming your fitness routine at home, through LIVE sessions led by master athletes specializing in cardio-equipment based fitness formats. It consists of premium fitness content streaming LIVE from our studios, designed for time bound and goal-oriented results. It provides you an opportunity to ‘train with the trainers’ while being at home and gives that connected, interactive and an engaging experience.

OneFitPlus.LIVE sessions are available to all customers that have bought compatible treadmills and spin bikes. Please check OneFitPlus.LIVE eligibility mentioned under equipment specifications on sales platforms/ website (

LIVE sessions are available everyday in the morning and evenings slots all through the week. You can view the schedule on the home page (on top of the Live sessions card) or by selecting the ‘Live Sessions’ option from the Menu of the OneFitPlus App. You can then attend a session by clicking on the ‘Watch’ button - it will prompt you to connect your Bike or Tread (if it is not connected already).

You can watch the LIVE sessions on your mobile devices through the OneFitPlus App. Any device which has more than 2.5 GB of RAM and a good internet connection (a minimum of 2Mbps connection) is good enough to stream live sessions. For best experience, use bluetooth headphones/ speakers, so you can listen to the trainer clearly. We strongly recommend casting it on your TV to replicate the experience of being engulfed by sound/ visuals that you get when you are physically in a gym/ studio.

Yes, you can cast it to your smart TV using Chromecast or using similar apps. In fact, we strongly recommend casting it on a big screen for wholesome experience.

Currently, we are offering Treadmill and Spin Bike based cardio sessions with language options in English and Hindi. We will continue adding more sessions around cardio equipment and other fitness formats gradually.

You can view the schedule on the home page (on top of the Live sessions card) or by selecting the ‘Live Sessions’ option from the hamburger menu of the OneFitPlus App.

OneFitPlus.Live is different in the way customers experience fitness sessions from their home. Every morning and evening, you can catch our expert trainers ‘Live’ and exercise with them with some great music. We have also connected them to you so that they know you are working with them and they will be able to communicate with you. OneFitPlus.Live turns the boring, individualistic concept of home-based fitness training into an interactive, engaging and connected experience that you get in a gym/ studio.


Fitwarz combines the fun and experience of video games with the intensity of serious work out, helping you achieve your fitness goals. All you need is to pair a Fitwarz supported Treadmill or Spin Bike to our app and get started today. Please check eligible devices from RPM Fitness, Fitplus and Fitkit.

Fitwarz is an AI powered workout simulation application based on cross country running and cycling. Users can choose to run or cycle in 7 different virtual tracks, which include tracks going through underwater glass tunnels, live volcanoes, snowy mountains, scenic grasslands, and old country towns. Track lengths range from approximately 5 kms to 14 kms. Users can set targets based on Exercise Time, Calories to be burnt, Distance or Number of Laps. Users can check their performance and ranking on the leaderboard. The User can save the latest workout data on the main screen. More updates of the game to follow in the upcoming versions.

Fitwarz is compatible on Android version 8 and above. Please update the android version if it is before version 8. Fitwarz is compatible with all latest IOS devices.


Through HealthCoins® program launched on OneFitPlus App, customers get paid to exercise on our smart cardio fitness machines (RPM Fitness, FITKIT, OneFitPlus) across Tread and Bike categories. OneFitPlus App converts the steps and rides into a new digital currency called "HealthCoins". Customers can spend HealthCoins® earned on products, services and experiences offered by OneFitPlus and our vendor partners.

OneFitPlus goal is to develop engaging products for our customers, so that when they get on their treadmill or indoor bike, they forget the “Effort” that goes into the “Exercise” and enjoy it like a sport. HealthCoins® rewards Exercise and gives customers another reason to complete the exercise they want but do not do.

Customers can earn HealthCoins by achieving milestones while exercising on our cardio machines. Each time customers cover a distance of 1 km while walking or running on the Treadmill, they earn 1 HealthCoins. Similarly, when they complete 4 km on the Exercise Cycle or Spin Bike, they earn 1 HealthCoins. Customers have to connect the machine with the OneFitPlus App and once they finish the workout from the app, the distance they have travelled will be synced in the app and an applicable number of coins will be credited to their account. Coins are valid for 1 year from date of accrual.

We run multiple offers for redemption of HealthCoins. Some offers (called Deals) are valid for a limited time period; and they can be redeemed for coins between a minimum and maximum value. Other offers (called Products) are those which can be redeemed anytime for a fixed value. Offers which are available for redemption, will be enabled on customers screen from where they can raise a request to redeem. For the launch, we have provided a launch offer to the customers to get a Rs 600 Flipkart Gift card voucher when they accrue 600 HealthCoins on the App.