We make fitness transformation happen through live expert training, measured guidance and structured support

Our goal is to make home fitness fun, so that exercising-at-home is sustainable and does not feel like an effort, everytime.

We strive to make home fitness more accessible and adoptable, by making it community driven, interactive and competitive - just like sports!


OneFitPlus has created a complete ecosystem of fitness solutions that help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and easy manner, while at home. Our philosophy of making exercise sports-like is manifested in our offerings of cult live – streaming Live sessions to guide and motivate you, Fitwarz – combining the fun of video game with intense workouts, and HealthCoins – rewarding you in real money while you exercise.

Our offerings and benefits of best-in-class home cardio equipment, customized training & diet plans, on demand video sessions, and smart app for tracking progress, makes it a one-stop solution for all your home fitness needs.


Founded by experienced professionals from top educational institutions like IIT and IIM, OneFitPlus is a revolutionary fit-tech company that takes pride in obsessing relentlessly towards achieving customers’ fitness goals. We have taken a unique ecosystem approach to bring an unbelievable range of services and products under a single umbrella.
With products that include best in class home cardio equipment, and value added services such as Live sessions every day, virtual fitness game, rewards & recognition platform, dedicated fitness coaches, customized diet plans, personalized exercise classes, doctor consultations, we are revolutionizing home fitness like never before.


Our products and offerings have a balanced mix of all the necessary elements needed to achieve your fitness goal – cardio equipment, diet, exercise, doctor’s advice, smart technology, personal coach, engagement and motivational push. Our smart technology connects with our smart fitness machines to relay key metrics to our fitness app that helps us in developing tailor-made plans for every individual and make necessary adjustments until their fitness goal is achieved. Also, we are the first fit-tech company to integrate voice-based technology like Alexa and Google Home to our equipment for providing seamless control to our customers.

We do all of this through the revolutionary cultsport app, that provides Live sessions, first rate gaming experience and HealthCoins that make your fitness journey fun and engaging.


A first-of-its-kind boutique fit-tech venture in India, OneFitPlus values the place fitness occupies in a person’s life. We want to positively influence and motivate people to go the extra mile in order to achieve great health and fitness.

The metamorphic benefits of having a fit lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough - it infuses strength, energy, flexibility and vitality into your mind, body and action. We, at OneFitPlus, strive for our customers to acquire overall fitness through our offerings of best-in-class equipment, scientific training & nutrition, smart technology and personalized care from the comfort of your home.

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