cultsport play - Immersive Virtual Workouts

cultsport play - Immersive Virtual Workouts

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cultsport play - combines the fun of multiplayer video gaming with the intensity of serious work out, helping you achieve your fitness goals. Dive into a collection of immersive worlds using a compatible Treadmill or Spin Bike.


A fun way to take your spin bike experience to next level by connecting to cultsport play. Whether you want to do individual goal sets or team workouts, cultsport play covered it all.


A fun way to take treadmill experience to next level by connecting to cultsport play. Whether you want to do individual goal sets or team workouts, cultsport play covered it all.







Service provided by Ruchika Sharma is the best and cycle is also best ......... There is game available that we can play during the exercise 🙂

Flipkart Customer
Nanded Waghala, Maharashtra

Review on Just 2nd day of use, will update after a month. very easy to assemble, unless you are totally dumb. Best part is in these times of pandemic, this is easy way of cardio at home. With free subscriptions etc.
My kid loved the cultsport play , virtual cycling game. Totally worth the price. Go for it.

Nihal Siddique
Pune, Maharashtra

Great app..!! Easy to connected with my spin bike. In just two days of purchase I get my free coupon code as I had to contact to customer support and Miss afsha responded me with a positive reply.

Sathish Kanagaraj
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Awesome product, happy with the performance and durability of the treadmill, and the customer support was too good, got installation quickly. The fit plus app is also good, easily connects with the treadmill & there are free diet & fitness services also available through the app. The best part is the cultsport play game app which gets connected with the treadmill & we can enjoy the game with workout as well. Overall completely satisfied with product & services.

Esha Mukherjee
Durga, West Bengal

Very stylish.Definitely the best smart bike in Indian market available at such affordable cost.

1. Delivered on time
2. Installation next day without any hassle
3. Dietician called within three days
4. Works with onefitplus as well as cultsport play which so much while we exercise
Complete package which I needed.
Only small feedback is seat could be little better as doesn't feel 100 percent comfortable during high speed bike.


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Gaming action along with fitness fun!

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cultsport play combines the fun and experience of video games with the intensity of serious work out, helping you achieve your fitness goals. All you need is a cultsport play supported Treadmill or Spin Bike, pair it using bluetooth to our app and get started today.

cultsport play offers Single player and Multiplayer workout experiences. In Single player mode users are able to compete with AI powered bots while in Multiplayer mode users are able to compete with other online real users who can join anywhere from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

cultsport play is available with the purchase of all eligible RPM Fitness, Fitkit and OneFitPlus equipment and is free for 1 year.

User need to have an eligible RPM Fitness, Fitkit and OneFitPlus cardio equipment and a smartphone / Tablet (Android or Apple)

Follow these steps to set up the cultsport play with your equipment and start working out.

Step 1: Download and install the cultsport app from Playstore / AppStore

Step 2: Launch cultsport app and register using email ID

Step 3: Next, download and install the cultsport play app from  Playstore / AppStore

Step 4: Launch cultsport play app from the link/image in cultsport app.

Step 5: This will successfully launch and login you to cultsport play App. Please enable bluetooth and location permissions in your phone when prompted.

Step 6: Start your Treadmill or pedal your Spin Bike to activate Bluetooth connection.

Step 7: The app will use bluetooth to detect and auto connect with your smart Treadmill or Spin Bike.

Step 8: If the device is not automatically detected, browse for search using the Bluetooth icon and restart your fitness equipment once to ensure it gets detected.

Step 9: You are all set. Select your preferred mode to compete with other real users using cultsport play.

1. Android Phone with RAM 3gb+, Processor : OctaCore 2Ghz+, OS 8.0+

2. iPhone 8+

Selective Treadmills and Spin Bikes of brands  FITKIT, RPMFITNESS, and ONEFITPLUS.

1. To participate in daily workouts and challenges with other users.

2. Able to invite other customers to play with.

3. Share the workout info with other community members.

4. Learn the latest information about cultsport play.

If you are not able to connect  your fitness equipment with cultsport play, then please follow below steps to check.

1. Check if your cardio equipment is an eligible device to play cultsport play. Check the store page for the details from where you have made the purchase or write to customer service Toll Free: 1800-572-6303 / 6402, WhatsApp: +91 7470799272, Email:

2. Turn off the equipment and wait for a minute and power on back the equipment. Next, check if bluetooth and location services are enabled on your smartphone. Now open the cultsport play app and try searching for the device's connection.

3. Still unable to connect, next try restarting the app and check if the device is being detected. If a device is found but not able to connect, check if the app is already connected to any other device, try disconnecting and changing the connection to the needed device.

4. Check if the bluetooth device battery is proper. Replace the battery if you think the battery may be old and not working.

5. If the device is still not being listed or detected please reach customer service.