FK500 Stationary Exercise Bike

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  • Max Weight support: 100 Kgs | Drive Type: Belt
  • Resistance Type: Direct Contact | Seat: Adjustable
  • Free Delivery within 2-7 days (Cash on delivery available)
  • Free Installation in 48 hrs after delivery
  • 10 Days Replacement Policy
  • 6 Months Domestic Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
  • 01 Month Free Diet & Fitness Plan


Max User Weight 

100 Kg



Upright Stationary 


Resistance Type

Direct Contact Resistance


Resistance Level 






Frame Material






Net Weight 



Gross Weight 



Package Dimension 



Assembly Dimension


Q: Is this manual /automatic?

A: It has a manual inclination with a 3 step adjustable DC motor for the running pad which is very reliable and noise free. The motor comes with a 1 year warranty and 4.5HP of peak power.

Q: Is it foldable?

A: Yes,it is foldable in 3 steps. So that when not in use, it does not consume much space.

Q: Can we run on this for 15 min regularly?

A: For 30 minutes, you can use it in one go and then give it and yourself a break.

Q: This product's Electrical instrument is manual?

A: It is a motorised treadmill which works on an DC motor which has a peak power of 4.5HP. And it is so silent that you can enjoy your fitness session.

Q: Does it have a battery ?

A: No, it doesn't have a battery. Rather, it has a DC motor and LCD display.

Q: Is a touch screen included with the TREADMILL?

A: No it does not have a touch screen but it has an LCD display which shows the distance, calories burned, heart rate, time, speed etc. It has bluetooth connectivity as well to connect your treadmill and enjoy workout sessions , play fitwarz and play music on the inbuilt speakers.

Q: How can I have fun with the workout ?

A: With this product you will get a free one year subscription of cultsport app through which you can join live sessions and also take part in Fitwarz game by connecting your product to a phone, tablet or a smart tv which can also lead you to winning exciting prizes.

Q: Is treadmill helpful to lose weight?

A: It’s a big yes. As you will run or walk on a treadmill, you will burn those unwanted calories from your body and you will get fitter day by day. To make your fitness regime less boring and more fun, OneFitPlus offers live treadmill sessions and virtual games to assist your daily workouts.

Q: How is running on a treadmill more effective than running on streets?

A: Running on a treadmill is very effective as you don’t have to move out and it does not depend on how the weather is. You can continue your daily walk without any stoppage .

Q: What is a smart treadmill and how is it better than a normal treadmill?

A: A smart treadmill is a normal treadmill with Bluetooth connectivity. On a smart treadmill, you can connect your smart devices like smartphone, tablet and enjoy AI gaming and other perks, which definitely you will not be able to do with the normal treadmill.

Q: How much time will it require to get the treadmill installation after delivery?

A: Team from OneFitPlus will visit your home within 48 hours of the delivery and do the installation which is free of cost. They will give you a brief about the treadmill and its working.

Q: Do I get any dietitian help as well?

A: Yes, along with the product, you will get a diet plan as well as a fitness plan for a period of 3 months.

Q: Is there any speaker provided for the music?

A: Yes, the product is equipped with speakers. You can connect your Aux cable and listen to your favorite songs making your workout more entertaining.

Q: Is there a massager or not?

A: Yes, there is a massager. You have to just cover the chosen body part with the massaging belt, switch on the massager and get a good massage.

Q: Is it AC or Dc?

A: It runs on a DC motor which is very reliable and noise free. The motor comes with a 1 year warranty and 4.5 HP of peak power.

Q: Can a 6 year old kid use it ?

A: There aren't any age restrictions to use this machine.

Q: Is it a manual or motor?

A: It is a motorised treadmill which works on a DC motor which has a peak power of 4.5 HP. It is so silent that you can enjoy your fitness session seamlessly.

Q: Power plug required or not?

A: Yes required as it has a DC motor and an LCD display. Which shows the distance, calories, heart rate, time, speed. It has bluetooth connectivity as well to connect your treadmill and enjoy workout sessions, play fitwarz and play music on the inbuilt speakers.

Q: Is stabiliser required?

A: Absolutely Not Required as it has 1 year warranty on motor and manufacturing defects.

Q: Is it electric?

A: Yes, its motor is electric.

Q: How many hours can we walk on this treadmill?

A: You can use the treadmill for 30 minutes in one go and then give it and yourself a break.

Q: Is it suitable for a lady weighing 87 kg for the purposes of both running and walking?

A: Yes, It won't be an issue. This treadmill can take upto 110kg. But upto 90 kg weight, a person can easily use it. You can walk, run and maintain your regular fitness routine.

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Got amazing service from the OneFitPlus team. I'm really satisfied with their personalized guidance. They provided me with a good and energetic plan with a diet chart.

Vivek Raj
Strongly recommended!

Product works very well. The incredible offering is the customized diet and fitness plan for 6 months provided by OneFitPlus team.

Dharmendra Nayak
Excellent purchase!

Due to Covid Pandemic, I couldn't go for my daily walks and that made me quite unhappy. But OneFitPlus diet and exercise session helped me to reduce 4.5 Kg in last two months.

Best Investment In My Health, Ever

A great experience with the dietitian and fitness trainer, who were excellent in their guidance. They are humble and friendly. Thank You.

Ashutosh Singh
Best Services!

Great level of concern and responsiveness. The OneFitPlus team is very well organized and provided an effective diet plan to me. Overall an excellent experience.

Pramod Reddy
Best for Me!

I enjoyed my session with my dietitian a lot and really appreciate her deep knowledge. The live sessions provided by trainers were great.

Shiva Shankar

The OneFitPlus app has the awesome feature of Live sessions where the trainer is online and we can connect our treadmill or spin bike and workout along with the trainer.

Rashmi Raj

Saw great reviews for this spin bike and decided to go for it. The customer service from RPM Fitness team has been amazing. I'll recommend this product to everyone and will buy more RPM Fitness products in the future.

Satish Prasanna

Dietitian team helped me a lot in my diet chart. They are very friendly and supportive. I'm immensely satisfied with their service.

Vaishali Srivastava
Amazing app!

It’s been one month since I bought this product. I am completely satisfied. Will definitely recommend this product. Service part is also excellent.

Arjun Ashok
Just What I Needed

Very good product and the services provided by OneFitPlus are amazing. Installation was done quickly and later the dietician motivated and provided me a good diet chart to follow. All of that can be tracked on OneFitPlus app.

Simply Awesome

Product is simply awesome. Another surprise I received along with the product was OneFitPlus complimentary services. I'm following the exercise and diet plan with devotion. Thanks to all representatives for the amazing product.

Very Good Product for Home Use

OneFitPlus services are really nice. The customized diet and fitness plan was meticulous and easy to follow.

Simply Amazing!

I had a very good experience with OneFitPlus. The diet plan has helped me. I am following it religiously. The dietitian was very helpful and motivated me immensely.

Dhanya Samani
The Best Running Experience Ever!

OneFitPlus App is a very good app for those who are looking for weight loss. They provide good services. I'm happy with the customized diet chart and exercise plan they prepared for me. Thank you OneFitPlus.

Sonali Priyadarshini
Highly Recommended!

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