OneFitPlus OFP-M1

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  • Free Delivery within 2-7 days (Cash on delivery available)
  • Free Installation in 48 hrs after delivery | 10 Days Replacement Policy
  • 06 Months Warranty
  • 02 Months Free Access to all Cult Centres, Gyms and Live Workout Sessions worth ₹11,999
  • 12 Months cultsport play Access
  • 12 Months Live Workout Sessions Access
  • 03 Months Free Diet Plan & Fitness Plan
  • Earn ₹1 for every 4 Km you spin
  • Max user weight - 120 kgs (Always choose the Exercise Bike that has user weight capacity at least 20 Kgs more than your current weight)
OneFitPlus OFP-M1
OneFitPlus OFP-M1
OneFitPlus OFP-M1
OneFitPlus OFP-M1
OneFitPlus OFP-M1
OneFitPlus OFP-M1

Aesthetically designed and practically built to offer a wholesome workout experience, the OFP-M1 Spinner Exercise Bike is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts. With magnetic resistance system, it is a power packed machine to own. The bike has a strong and sturdy frame, it has an adjustable handlebar and secure pedals that provide a smooth and secure operation. Also, this modern fitness bike can be connected to the cultsport app, displaying all your stats in real time, allowing you to conveniently monitor all your health parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories burnt, etc. With 1 year free OneFitPlus subscription, you get access to Fitwarz, the multiplayer game, where you can compete with friends and family in a virtual world, and cult live, where trainers guide and motivate you everyday. Now is the time to bid goodbye to excuses and join 1000s of OneFitPlus community members. Embrace a fitter and healthier lifestyle with our smart exercise equipment!

Technical Specifications


Flywheel Weight 

14.3 lbs 


Max User Weight 

120 Kg 


Max User Height 

6 feet 


Resistance Type

Magnetic Resistance


Resistance Level 



Heart Rate Sensor 



Water Bottle Holder






Net Weight 

33 Kgs


Gross Weight 

36 Kgs


Package Dimension 

995*225*955 MM


Assembly Dimension

1000*510*1250 MM


Display Information 

Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Scan, cultsport App Connectivity via Bluetooth


Seat Adjustable 



Handle Adjustable 




Earn 1 HealthCoin (worth ₹1) for every 4 Km you spin! and redeem it for fun & exciting gifts!



6 months warranty on manufacturing defects. Pro-active post-sales customer support and service all across India


Q: Does it have Bluetooth to connect with the cultsport app?

A: Yes, it’s a smart spin bike that can connect with your smart devices (phones, tablets) via Bluetooth and gives access to premium services on the cultsport and Fitwarz apps, besides tracking your workout related data.

Q: Is this a magnetic type machine?

A: Yes, it comes with magnetic resistance with up-to 100 resistance levels.

Q: Does the cycle put strain on the knees?

A: No, it does not put any strain on the knees. Regular joint movements are advised to keep your knees young and healthy. If you have any pre-condition, please consult your medical advisor.

Q: What's the Overall weight of the product ?

A: The OneFitPlus OFP-M1 weighs 33kgs.

Q: How can I get my diet plan?

A: You can avail OneFitPlus diet plan feature by installing the cultsport application on your smartphones once you purchase the equipment. A certified dietitian will call you and create a customized plan based on your requirements. The diet plan will be accessible in the cultsport app, where you can also log your daily meals and track calories intake on a regular basis.

Q: Can old people use this?

A: Yes, there are no age restrictions for the given equipment, some specific measures must be taken depending on the stamina and physical capabilities of the individual.

Q: How to adjust the seat ?

A: The seat of the OneFitPlus OFP-M1 can be adjusted as per your comfort. To adjust the seat, loosen the two knob-like levers available under the seat for forward/backward and height adjustment and tighten them back.

Q: What applications are compatible with this product?

A: Two mobile apps are compatible with this product. The first one is the cultsport app which you can connect to your spin bike and get access to premium services free of cost, like Live sessions, On-Demand sessions, Diet plan, tracking your daily workout data, etc. and the other is the Fitwarz game app which you can connect to the bike to play fun-filled games with a community of Live users across India.

Q: If it is properly maintained, how many years will the bike work without problems?

A: The OneFitPlus OFP-M1 is made with strong, durable, and high-quality material. With proper maintenance, the equipment will last for anywhere around 10-15 years.

Q: Is it tough to pedal for people 50+ years old?

A: Not at all. The resistance level is adjustable and can be brought down to almost zero making it easy for everyone to work out.

Q: Is it suitable for both boys or girls?

A: Yes, both males and females can use this spin bike.

Q: What are resistant knobs used for?

A: The resistant knobs enable you to adjust the difficulty level of peddling the bike. OFP-M1 comes with a magnetic resistance with up-to 100 resistance levels.

Q: Does the bike require electricity?

A: No, the OneFitPlus OFP-M1 does not run on electricity. But you require a regular AAA battery to power the internal electrical system.

Q: What is the width of this product on the floor? 2 feet or less?

A: The width of the equipment is 1.67 ft.

Q: Is a spin bike helpful to lose weight?

A: It’s a big Yes! Spinning is considered to be one the most effective exercise to burn unwanted calories which will help you to be fitter by the day. To make your fitness regime less boring and more fun, OneFitPlus offers Live Spin Bike sessions and multi-player game to assist your daily workouts.

Q: How is using a spin bike better than cycling on streets?

A: Using a spin bike gives you multiple advantages over cycling in streets as you don’t have to depend on the weather outside or ride on rough terrains. You can continue your daily workout without any hindrance from the comfort, safety and convenience of your home.

Q: What is a smart spin bike and how is it better than a normal exercise bike?

A: A smart spin bike is a normal spin/exercise bike with connectivity and data storage/ retrieval capabilities. On a smart spin bike, you can connect your smart devices like smartphones/ tablets and enjoy virtual gaming, attend Live sessions, compete, interact & motivate others, which you will not be able to do with the regular exercise bike.

Q: How much time will it require to get the spin bike installed after delivery?

A. The at-home installation takes place within 48 hours of the delivery. Our trained technical will also give demonstration about SpinBike features & functionalities. Any queries and doubts about the usage and service are resolved as well.

Q: Do I get any dietitian help also?

A: Yes, along with the product, you will get a diet plan as well as a fitness plan for a period of 3 months.

Q: What is a Health Coin?

A: HealthCoins is a part of the OneFitPlus loyalty-based reward system. You can earn HealthCoins by achieving prefixed milestones while exercising on our cardio machines. For Spinbikes, you can earn Re.1 for every 4km you workout.

Q: What is fitwarz?

A: Fitwarz is a multi-player video game setup in virtual worlds that you can play while you work out. You get to compete with other Live users from across India and win exciting prizes. Just connect the Fitwarz app and get started on this scintillating journey.

Q: Can a person of 100kg use it?

A: The equipment can take up to 120 kgs of weight. However, because of impact associated with prolonged spinning, the suggested weight for the users for comfortable usage is 100 kgs.

Q: Are the necessary screws and wrenches included with the product? Is it possible to assemble it myself?

A: OneFitPlus provides free at-home installation within 48 hours of the delivery. However, all the necessary equipment required to assemble the bike are included in the unit, and can be assembled easily.

Q: Is it ok for a 6 feet tall guy to use this spin bike?

A: The OneFitPlus OFP-M1 is suitable for individuals up to the height of 6ft. They can easily use the spin bike without any hassles.


Description OneFitPlus FxxNxxt Rxxxh PxxxxMxxx
Model Name OFP M1 SpinBike FxxxBike MxxKxxe BU650
Pricing Rs. 20,949.00 Rs. 29999 Rs. 20,000 Rs. 29,400
Dimensions L1250*B510*H1000 mm L1005*B260*H945 mm L1298*B572*H1367 mm L1040*B467*H1235 mm
Fly wheel weight 14.3 lbs 14.3 lbs 14.3 lbs 13.2 lbs
Resistance Type Magnetic Resistance Magnetic Resistance Magnetic Resistance Magnetic Resistance
Max. user weight 120 Kg 120 Kg 120 Kg 120 Kg
Free Home Installation
Repair & Service at Home
Multiplayer Fitness Game
Trainer led LIVE Sessions
On Demand Recorded Sessions
1-1 Personal Training Sessions
Diet Consultation / Personalised Diet Plan
Doctor Consultation
Fitness Rewards Points


Buy one equipment and get 4 services free of cost!


cultsport play - Immersive Virtual Workouts

Just connect your exercise equipment via Bluetooth to cultsport play App and get started!

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cult live

Exercise with others, guided & motivated by expert trainers


A Certified Dietitian

Personalized diet plan and continued guidance from a trained dietitian.

Read More

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Got amazing service from the OneFitPlus team. I'm really satisfied with their personalized guidance. They provided me with a good and energetic plan with a diet chart.

Vivek Raj
Strongly recommended!

Product works very well. The incredible offering is the customized diet and fitness plan for 6 months provided by OneFitPlus team.

Dharmendra Nayak
Excellent purchase!

Due to Covid Pandemic, I couldn't go for my daily walks and that made me quite unhappy. But OneFitPlus diet and exercise session helped me to reduce 4.5 Kg in last two months.

Best Investment In My Health, Ever

A great experience with the dietitian and fitness trainer, who were excellent in their guidance. They are humble and friendly. Thank You.

Ashutosh Singh
Best Services!

Great level of concern and responsiveness. The OneFitPlus team is very well organized and provided an effective diet plan to me. Overall an excellent experience.

Pramod Reddy
Best for Me!

I enjoyed my session with my dietitian a lot and really appreciate her deep knowledge. The live sessions provided by trainers were great.

Shiva Shankar
Terrific Purchase

The OneFitPlus app has the awesome feature of Live sessions where the trainer is online and we can connect our treadmill or spin bike and workout along with the trainer.

Rashmi Raj
Highly Recommended

Saw great reviews for this spin bike and decided to go for it. The customer service from RPM Fitness team has been amazing. I'll recommend this product to everyone and will buy more RPM Fitness products in the future.

Satish Prasanna
Really Impressed

Dietitian team helped me a lot in my diet chart. They are very friendly and supportive. I'm immensely satisfied with their service.

Vaishali Srivastava
Amazing app!

It’s been one month since I bought this product. I am completely satisfied. Will definitely recommend this product. Service part is also excellent.

Arjun Ashok
Just What I Needed

Very good product and the services provided by OneFitPlus are amazing. Installation was done quickly and later the dietician motivated and provided me a good diet chart to follow. All of that can be tracked on OneFitPlus app.

Simply Awesome

Product is simply awesome. Another surprise I received along with the product was OneFitPlus complimentary services. I'm following the exercise and diet plan with devotion. Thanks to all representatives for the amazing product.

Very Good Product for Home Use

OneFitPlus services are really nice. The customized diet and fitness plan was meticulous and easy to follow.

Simply Amazing!

I had a very good experience with OneFitPlus. The diet plan has helped me. I am following it religiously. The dietitian was very helpful and motivated me immensely.

Dhanya Samani
The Best Running Experience Ever!

OneFitPlus App is a very good app for those who are looking for weight loss. They provide good services. I'm happy with the customized diet chart and exercise plan they prepared for me. Thank you OneFitPlus.

Sonali Priyadarshini
Highly Recommended!

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